About us

Sooma solves the email needs of service providers, businesses and partners.

Founded in 1999, Sooma is a trusted email solutions provider for service providers, businesses and partners.

We provide easy maintenance and administration, reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing revenue opportunities as a result of our unique ability to simplify daunting email systems.

We are a software service provider for telcos, service providers, carriers, media portals, VARs and companies that make use of email service offerings.

Sooma-what we do

What we do

We provide solutions to commercial email needs through exceptional products and services that eliminate complexity and boost productivity.

We can help you deliver high-quality service at a lower cost and increase your revenue by streamlining onboarding and delivering a secure solution for your customer base.

Our easy cloud-based email solution demonstrates our expertise in email best practices and security. It also improves deliverability and helps you stand out in a competitive market.

Our Approach

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We rely on a passionate and visionary team to deliver turnkey email solutions. We are organized around a systems maintenance group and a user interface group who are working tirelessly to create a polished user experience in the final product.

We believe that effective email solutions go beyond infrastructure to the service level. That’s why we offer customer-focused support. We believe in best-fit, best-value infrastructure and service.