Our clients understand the importance of email uptime and performance.
Affordable and high-performing Hosted Email solution for ISP´s.

Service providers

Enterprise-class email solution with multiple deployment options for service providers.

Sooma offers service providers a secure, scalable, high-performance and fault tolerant email solution. Our service is meant for you if:

NYou don’t have any existing infrastructure.

NYou want to take advantage of Sooma’s expertise in handling your email needs.

NYou need a scalable and rebrandable multi-domain environment.

Partner pricing, maximum margins

We offer a profit-driven pricing model that enables partners to earn excellent margins and also enjoy ongoing monthly revenues.

Cloud-based simplicity

AAs an SAAS based service, we have the required resources to manage your email needs through a simple monthly subscription.

Unlimited domain environment

You can add as many domains as you like. You will only be charged based on the number of email accounts created.

Centralized management

With Sooma, you can effectively manage all your customers and confidently provide essential support for your clients via a single dashboard.

Multiple deployment options

You can customize every deployment according to your clients’ needs, either directly or through our partner cloud environment.

Unparalleled visibility

Access your customer and user activity, view statistics, run reports and maximize performance via our simple web admin interface.

Complete user and sub-user management

Sooma enables you to assign administrator privileges, manage your client access levels and also provide them with their domain and user management access.

Branding flexibility

Project your brand image using the turnkey features provided by Sooma.

Auto updates

You do not need to worry about version updates, security releases or patches, because all of these will be managed for you.

Top-notch security

Sooma’s products are crafted in line with industry standards via rigorous testing to enhance your performance.

Exclusive resources

Enhance your email offering and gain more leads with our customizable documents and resources.